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    Default Display side navigation with padding and borders

    Hello everyone

    My boss has requested I should create a side navigation with links displayed with padding and borders identical to this site's:


    I have now spent a good few hours exploring the admin interface and the only thing that may bare relevance is the Header and Footer section but this section does not let you add padding or borders to the side nav.

    I feel it silly trying to do this with mm4, but would mm5 let you do this? If so, that would make a good business justification for upgrading to mm5.



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    Default Re: Display side navigation with padding and borders

    Yes in MM5 you have access to everything.

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    Default Re: Display side navigation with padding and borders

    There are SOOO many justifying reasons NOT to develop on MM4. This, just being one of them. But the biggest issue is that you are basically throwing money away. Every dime put into this development cycle will have to be repeated in short order. For example, as soon as the payment processor you use no longer supports the payment method you use.

    I really can't think of ANY reason to develop a new site on mm4...I can barely imagine a reason to even continue development with MM4. We (and I think the majority of developers are of the same mind) won't even touch an MM4 site unless its to convert it to MM5.

    Lastly, as you have probably noticed, you can't even get decent help (though MivaMerchant will try their hardest) because so much of that knowledge has disappeared. Ever try to get your wooden wagon wheels re-shod? That's about the breadth of it. (And yes, its called re-shodding...and you might find a farrier to do it...but its going to be a real search.)

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    Default Re: Display side navigation with padding and borders

    One thing I should add is that even though we still call it 5.5, it's really on Version 8 right now (Production Release 8) so you're not one generation behind on 4.x but actually 4 generations (and soon to be 5).

    Rick Wilson
    Miva Merchant

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