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  1. Re: User Interface > Settings and other thoughts

    Hey Leslie -

    I agree with you. Not having the Global Header/Footer, Nav, etc available at the page level has been a hard adjustment for me as well. We're working on improving the navigation here....
  2. Re: Conditional Needed to Test Variant Inventory Levels and Not the Parent Prod

    So you want to either display the add to cart button or wishlist button on CTGY if all variants are sold out?

    If that is the case you can use toolkits variantarray function to loop though all...
  3. Re: IF Statement to Check if Product is Assigned to a Specific Category on Product Pa

    Yes, but you need to use the new custom field functions here:


    It would look something like this:

  4. Re: Conditional Needed to Test Variant Inventory Levels and Not the Parent Prod

    You have a couple options.

    Since Miva's inventory system is all controlled by JavaScript, there are no native template level variables you can check for. It all has to be done in JavaScript.
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    Re: Highlight Tag bug?

    Correct, we don't have any data limitations on the import at this point. It will be up to the client to make sure the values for that field match one setup for the select.
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    Re: Highlight Tag bug?

    Hi Leslie -

    I don't think this has anything to do with the toolkit custom fields. All that is doing is reading the values of the custom fields and displaying it.

    The way the select custom...
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    Re: Check if a customer id is logged in

    I would stay away with trying to go directly to the database to determine if a customer is logged in.

    Your safest bet may be to build a miva page which your third party script can call to to...
  8. Re: Order Charge iteration oddity in Customer Order Confirmation email

    Are you moving both the for each loop that has the charge description and the charge_disp_amt?

    <td colspan="3" style="padding: 5px 20px 5px 20px; vertical-align: bottom;...
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    Re: Product Thumbnail in Customer Invoice

    If you need to pull the "legacy" thumbnail field on bask/checkout/email templates, toolkit it the best option.

    However, it is going to be be better long term to use the Additional Images...
  10. Re: Customer Field required only on some pages

    Using JavaScript for the validation on ACAD is your best option. There is no server side (Miva) validation on custom fields.
  11. Re: Discontinued products-alternative to 301 redirect

    We have talked internally about adding a 301 redirect manager to the core software exactly for situations like this. It would allow you to redirect a discontinued product to a new product using a 301...
  12. Re: Add Text-Only Version to Receipt Email (MIME)

    You should be able to to this with the built in template based emails. Create a new emails and strip out all the HTML so it only has the text content you need.

    The you can change the mime type...
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    Re: Creating a Page/template

    The best way to do this is to create a new page. Go into pages, then edit the SFNT page. Copy this template and click Add Page and paste in the template.

    You then want to make sure all the items...
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    Re: products with non-standardized sizes

    Are you talking about having attributes on each product that the customer chooses for the different sizes or something else?
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    Re: adding order date to picklist?

    Here is the entity for Order date in the SHIPMENT_PICKLIST template:


    It should be in the page template by default.

    Typically token list is the best place to...
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    Re: How Do I Iterate Through Sub Categories

    This can be done using the toolkit module.


    <mvt:item name="toolkit" param="subcat|ccount|g.Category_Code" />
    <mvt:if expr="ccount GT 0">...
  17. Re: Place credit card options on same screen as credit card selection

    Yes this can be done. The main reason it is on the previous screen is because if you accept Paypal or other payment methods besides credit cards, then the fields on the next screen (OPAY) will be...
  18. Re: Additional Shipping Charge per product Shipped International

    Take a look at toolkits upcharge function. We have done similar stuff with it in the past. You can store the additional charge amount in a custom product field, then if the ship to country is outside...
  19. Re: Hoe Do I Display Content Of a Custom Category Field?

    Try this:

    <mvt:item name="customfields" param="Read_Category_Code( g.Category_Code, 'cat_info', g.cat_info )" />
    Output to page: &mvt:global:cat_info;
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    Re: Template Data Feed with Variants Output

    You are correct. The setting to limit the feed by price only works at the master product level.

    The best way around it would be to create a custom export using a miva page template, which will...
  21. Re: Image Machine and category template manager

    You mention you have image machine assigned on the category page. The item category_listing_imagemachine should not be assigned to the page, unless you need image machine functionality which includes...
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    Re: new custom fields

    The method above works, however that still uses the "legacy" custom field template code. This was one of the problems we wanted to solve with the old custom fields. Because the syntax is so long, we...
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    Re: Sort By Custom Field

    There is currently nothing naively built in to sort by a custom field on the category page. There are a couple toolkit ways to do it. Are you looking to just have the custom field name in the drop...
  24. Re: Toolkit Ratings and Reviews Woes - Correct URLs for CSSUI store using short links

    You just need to update the links above to use the search friendly format.Try something like this** For some reason this is not outputting the format correctly.Here is the correct URL structure for...
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    Re: Social Icons in global footer

    I have come across this a couple times as well. Sometimes the font files are not copied to the server correctly when the framework is installed.

    There are two parts to the font-awesome icon set....

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