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  1. Re: description gets truncated when uploading tab delimited flat file

    Nope it should work just fine. The imports are setup to work with Excels csv format. It will be able to determine a comma in your data vs one used as a delimiter.
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    Re: feature request

    Hi Chet -

    There is nothing new with batch reports in V9. All the data you need is there, you just need to format it to export it as a csv. If you're still having issues, email me and I can take...
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    Re: ToolKit for dev site

    Hi Maxanne -

    Is this a site you eventually plan to take live? If so, just make sure you are building on a dev.domain.com and not one of the developer (dtsXXXX) stores. You'll have a much easier...
  4. Re: description gets truncated when uploading tab delimited flat file

    Try using a comma as your delimiter. You can select this under the product import settings import settings. Then in excel save your file as a csv file which is comma delimited.
  5. Re: Hoe Do I Display Content Of a Custom Category Field?

    If you are using this on your category page this code should work:

    <mvt:item name="customfields" param="Read_Category_Code( g.Category_Code, 'smallcatheadtext', g.smallcatheadtext )" />...
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    Re: Print Order Confirmation

    The Order_Invoice page is an admin only page, meaning it can only be seen from the admin. This is why you are seeing that error.

    The ORDP page is not included in the bootstrap framework. If you...
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    Re: Coupon for First-Time Site Visitors

    There are a bunch of 3rd party services that do this well. Check out SpringMetrics.

    If you didn't want to use a 3rd party service, it is possible to build this yourself with Miva. You would need...
  8. Re: Sub-categories in the All Products category nav bar drop down

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but here is some tookit code which will print the parent categories along with 2 levels of sub-categories in a nested ul /li list.

    <!-- Begin...
  9. Re: Sub-categories in the All Products category nav bar drop down

    When version 9 ships, we have all new developer training which is covers all the new aspects of the template language in detail (mvt:assign, mvt:eval, custom fields, among many others topics). There...
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    Re: Adding a product to a category using PHP

    It is going to be dangerous to go directly to the database like that and modifying store keys. Your better off using Miva's XML provisioning system.

    This allows you to interact with Miva via XML...
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    Re: upsell products in bask page

    This can be edited on the BASK page under the basket content tab.

    Look for this code:

    <mvt:if expr="l.settings:item:upsold">
    <form method="post"...
  12. Re: Any DIM weight shipping solutions available for Miva 9?

    Sized based packing is actually a very difficult computer science problem to solve. Think of it like playing tetris with your products to pack them in a box. It would be an very complicated...
  13. Re: Any DIM weight shipping solutions available for Miva 9?

    At the end of the day you're really just trying to give UPS (or whatever carrier you use) as much information as you can about the actual box(s) that will ship so that the price the customer pays is...
  14. Re: Any DIM weight shipping solutions available for Miva 9?

    The ability to get dimensional pricing is already built into Miva Merchant for all the shipping carriers we support (UPS, FedEX, USPS and Canada Post)

    If you using one of those carriers to get...
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    Re: new custom fields

    All the custom fields (category, customer, product, basket - custom order fields work anywhere you have access to an order number) can be read or written on any page in Miva including emails, and...
  16. Re: Adding & Managing an Upgrade Plan/Subscription Option

    There is no out of the box module I'm aware of, but you can achieve most this functionality by creating a custom batch report (located under utilities). You could create report which returns all the...
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    Re: Adding Pop-Up Shopping Cart

    If you're referring to just the mini basket, this is built into Miva. You can turn it on under utilities. However depending on the version of Miva you are on, there may need to be page template...
  18. Re: Accessing Parent Category "variable" in Page Title

    The parent category is not available naively currently (it will be accessible in Version 9 coming this fall). Right now if you need to get it you will need a 3rd party module like toolkit
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    Re: Attribute unaffected by Coupon Mod

    Coupons will take into account all prices for the product including attributes. Misc Fee module is a good option, or toolkit has a function called upcharge which allows you to add custom charges to...
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    Re: Payment methods - change order?

    There is a module that does this:


    Or you if you're familiar with the template code you can...
  21. Re: User Interface > Settings and other thoughts

    Hey Leslie -

    I agree with you. Not having the Global Header/Footer, Nav, etc available at the page level has been a hard adjustment for me as well. We're working on improving the navigation here....
  22. Re: Conditional Needed to Test Variant Inventory Levels and Not the Parent Prod

    So you want to either display the add to cart button or wishlist button on CTGY if all variants are sold out?

    If that is the case you can use toolkits variantarray function to loop though all...
  23. Re: IF Statement to Check if Product is Assigned to a Specific Category on Product Pa

    Yes, but you need to use the new custom field functions here:


    It would look something like this:

  24. Re: Conditional Needed to Test Variant Inventory Levels and Not the Parent Prod

    You have a couple options.

    Since Miva's inventory system is all controlled by JavaScript, there are no native template level variables you can check for. It all has to be done in JavaScript.
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    Re: Highlight Tag bug?

    Correct, we don't have any data limitations on the import at this point. It will be up to the client to make sure the values for that field match one setup for the select.

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