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    Re: captcha at checkout


    Yeah, it's a free module (from us), you can download it here: http://www.mivacentral.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&store_code=m&product_code=MIVA-RECAP
  2. Re: Changing CSSUI_links destinations ~ making BASK secure

    Right now you have to do it by hand but we're fixing this in 9.
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    Re: Random Category Link-Toolkit

    Sebenza has a product recommendation module that does this.
  4. Re: looking for a product module to help with pricing of products

    Why doesn't the built in functionality work? It can do exactly what you describe.
  5. Re: Mobile payments, Authorize.net, PayPal and Amazon

    My personal preference on Mobile is PayPal Express Checkout, then Amazon, then a "normal" flow like Auth.net.

    That may change a bit with iOS 8 though and the ability to just take a pic of your...
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    Re: IRCE / Chicago 2014

    Yeah that worked out well, and now I'm speaking at ICE too ::):
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    Re: IRCE / Chicago 2014

    Yes October 22nd is a sure date.

    Bummer you can't make it though Susan.
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    Re: new framework?

    We haven't added the coupon changes to the Bootstrap Framework yet, but otherwise Leslie is correct and it will be true by launch.
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    Re: IRCE / Chicago 2014

    The closest we'll get is Chicago.

    This year is:

    San Diego (already happened)
    Philadelphia (already happened)
    Chicago - September 23rd
    Atlanta - October 22nd
  10. Sticky: Re: Miva Merchant Marketplaces 1.0001 Support Thread

    1. eBay Motors is a totally separate API, so it's the equivalent of adding a whole other marketplace. It is coming, but no ETA.

    2. You should use Additional Images, in the long run that is going...
  11. Re: does the inbuilt miva ups module give us trade ability features?

    I'm not aware of an off the shelf one, but I'm sure eMediaSales would build one or add to there's under the right circumstances.
  12. Re: How to handle customer usernames that are not email addresses?

    That's a bug actually and will be fixed in V9. You should be able to have it either way.
  13. Re: does the inbuilt miva ups module give us trade ability features?

    No, we don't currently support that with the built in module.
  14. Re: Sebenza out of business? - Gift certificate module suggestions

    I can confirm it will be fixed in V9 and is not yet fixed in the Beta. If you want to keep tabs on it, just ask me about: Bug 12904 (and keep an eye on the Rel Notes for it).
  15. Re: PayPal Firewall Reconfiguration Notification

    Make sure you haven't hard coded their IPs into your firewall.
  16. Re: PayPal Firewall Reconfiguration Notification

    Not if they're hosted with us.
  17. Re: Log IP Address for each order to enchance fraud detection capabilities

    Correct you can use Custom Order fields to capture and show the IP address (natively) and WolfPaw does have a module that extends this to MaxMind (we use it on our own site, it's a great module).
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    Re: module admin screens

    You have to click on it for Touch purposes but we'll be paying attention to make it more friendly.
  19. Re: No more opening multiple products on different tabs?

    No but you can accomplish the same thing now on the Batch Edit screen.
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    Re: Unusual setup for inventory variants

    The two best paths are either the one you described or using the built in Variant Import Creation tool.

    It ultimately depends on how many SKU's.
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    Sticky: When using Version 9 Beta 1

    Make sure if you had already "Created your store" while on PR8 (or earlier) that you apply the new stock Framework that comes with Version 9 Beta (if you want to test the Coupon and Discounting...
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    Re: Miva Merchant 9 Beta 1 Has Been Released

    You can grab it from here: http://www.mivamerchant.com/support/downloads
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    Re: quick books

    Yes there's a few options.

    The two best are Miva Synchro (our connector product) or Atandra T-Hub.
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    Re: Strange Paypal Stopped Working

    You should open a support ticket, this won't be able to be diagnosed via the Forums. 800-608-MIVA or support@mivamerchant.com
  25. Re: [Free Module] Generate tons of reviews with Yotpo.

    Good points, I think internally we referred to it as a Yotpo "Beta". As long as they stay super responsive I think this process will produce lots of fruit.

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