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  1. Re: Increase Capacity of Product Name Field

    Not trying to be difficult, but that looks like more of a description rather than a product name. That being said, I'd use Andreas' idea and use a custom field for this. The custom field could be...
  2. Re: remove the "mm5/merchant.mvc" from SFNT url?

    In a file called .htaccess (which may or may not already exits) in the root of your site, you add the line:

    DirectoryIndex /mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=SFNT

    at the top of the file.

    (ask your...
  3. Re: My Compiled Feature Request List

    Nice list. I think you'll find that Version 9 will address some of these issues. We do have a few modules specifically geared to making admin work easier. (Naturally, you can image how much time WE...
  4. Re: Use Viking Coders Vendor Manager in old MM4.24, are there similar MM5.5 solutions

    I believe there is a way to cobble together a system like this in MM5 through off the shelf modules. We've also build custom 'one click' or hands off modules that do this as I am sure folks like Kent...
  5. Re: Should concern exists if developer module license server goes offline?

    Whenever feasible, we do #2
    (It tells you your license is invalid and won't let you make changes, but module still functions.)

    If not, we make sure that the modules specific feature is disabled...
  6. Re: Allow Customers to change poassword

    Oh yea...this was one of those *I* WANT IT so it HAS to be built modules. Had no idea (or care) if anyone else did. Same with Go To Page. Both of which have to be in a store before I even open the...
  7. Re: Allow Customers to change poassword

    Its on the list. Can't say WHERE in the list it is...but my understanding was the component parts where already done (as part of Template GPS) but pulled when we released the initial version for free...
  8. Re: Allow Customers to change poassword

    No problem. Completely understandable.

    Hint: Coders are only as good as their ability to use code comments. :)

    (and, having something like our Template GPS which can locate these comments at a...
  9. Re: LESS/SASS/COMPASS - The One Sheet

    I understand the enthusiasm for LASS/SASS...but bear in mind that a good percentage of those who touch the style elements of any storefront (CSSUI/Bootstrap/etc) are store owners...some of who are...
  10. Re: Product Specific Sales Report


    Ask Dan...tad busy atm.
  11. Re: Allow Customers to change poassword

    AFAIK, They just need to log in, go to their Edit Account page, and change it there.
  12. Re: Product Specific Sales Report

    Your best bet is a custom module that will generate this report with a single button click. Any other approach (i.e., use a pre-built module, then do x, y...then A if B=2) would probably waste more...
  13. Re: "We do not detect any structured data on your site."

    ...not to mention testing. Testing even a minor change can take 2x to 3x the amount of time it takes to actual do the change. Sometimes even longer. We will sometimes offer to make coding changes and...
  14. Replies

    Re: Shipping Features

    I recommend that if you do this, you make 'two' shipping modules. This will make an already overly complex system (for 80% of Store Owners) even more complex.
  15. Re: Help descriptive URLs - Scale model size in product URL (eg: 1:160 or 1/160)?

    Well, I'll see your can of worms and up you a box of flies. URLs are "resource locators". They are not content in and of themselves. Now, if you sell Justin Beiber bobble heads, and you domain is...
  16. Re: Is there a way to hide the left column links in admin?

    Larry, try this:...
  17. Re: Other State/Province settings in customer fields section missing?

    As part of our Optimal Checkout service, we do one of two things:

    Place Country first, and if US selected use Zip and State drop down). If not, use Postal Code and Province/Region/State.
  18. Re: Is it possible to change basket charge values directly using SMT?

    The only way to effect database values is to manipulate a global variable that is passed withing CGI (i.e., in the URL or a field inside the post).

    OR, if toolbelt actually has a function to query...
  19. Re: No place to mark an invoice paid manually?

    Well, if you had Faux Orders installed, you can retro actively assign payment to it...suppose you could do it with a CHECK or COD module, but then that would be seen on the front side unless you did...
  20. Re: Pulling in blog posts from Wordpress to your PROD page

    Duplicate content is not about 'repeated' content. Its about google seeing one page, that contains the same content as another page. So, even re-using manufacturer's product descriptions, while not...
  21. Re: CSSUI tokens / items in an MMUI store

    AFAIK, there is nothing stopping you from installing a CSS component (module) in an MMUI store. There is no reason to...but I don't think there is detection to prevent it.
  22. Re: Addressing Heartbleed security issue with MIVA

    Personally, I wouldn't "force" users. I'd strongly encourage them. All that is needed for that is messaging on the Login screen.
  23. Re: No place to mark an invoice paid manually?

    One way (though there might be a way to just change Shipping status that could work) is to get our Free Faux Order module, and use that as a payment method when creating the order.(It can also be...
  24. Re: Using Miva store as a credit card terminal

    You could probably create a custom "page" in merchant to do this. You can add work-arounds to the required data. However, pretty sure you need at least the customers name/zip/state to get validation.
  25. Re: Using Miva store as a credit card terminal

    PayPal reader or Square attached to a cell phone or tablet?

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