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  1. Re: attribute machine change of attributes.

    Hmmm... will have to ponder that one.
  2. Re: attribute machine change of attributes.

    We could probably come up with a solution. Would be curious how you see this working exactly, ie. just a message of some sort?
  3. Re: Viking Order Status Manager and Miva PR8

    I seem to recall the Order Status Manager Import/Export being a separate module. Is the module still present, if so, is it up to date with the latest version?
  4. Re: [Free Module] Generate tons of reviews with Yotpo.

    I am pleased to announce that Glendale Designs will be developing a new retail version of the Yotpo module for Miva Merchant. This new module will take full advantage of Yotpo's feature set for both...
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    Re: Miva Developer Needed

    We have performed numerous Image & Attribute Machine integrations. Please feel free to reach out to us.
  6. Re: Session Timeout issue on a develpoment site

    It's most likely due to your Domain Settings > Site Configuration settings for that dev store. Are the "Secure" fields populated?
  7. Re: Payment methods - change order?

    Thank you!
  8. Re: Payment methods - change order?

    Brennan, is payment method sorting something that might become stock in the future? We deal with it on almost every build, would be great if it were a built-in option.
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    Re: feature request

    Second that one. If the path will be linked to change the image type like the current version of Miva Merchant, maybe a separate icon to open it up.
  10. Re: SEO-friendly store front not redirecting the index.html

    Static SFNT page generation should become a feature of Miva Merchant. Unfortunately we have run into a number of instances where clients have taken this advise, then realized it becomes a...
  11. Re: Exporting points from Sebenza Points Redemption Manager

    Variation of the example provided on Sebenza's site: https://sebenza.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/32272-mysql-query-for-customer

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    Re: Adding SKU for Yotpo

    Ahh, makes sense.

    Overall we like Yotpo and want to see it succeed on the Miva Merchant platform, but the initial rollout has definitely been rocky. Hope they get this all turned around as we all...
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    Re: Adding SKU for Yotpo

    I agree Bruce, sku has a number of advantages and feature possibilities. Module, docs and import/export instructions just haven't caught up with these changes. These transitions do not come to...
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    Re: Adding SKU for Yotpo

    We have had a number of interactions with Yotpo Support recently and at some point there was a transition from product:id to product:code, however they are now recommending product:sku. We have...
  15. Re: Best way to display videos from youtube or other source on product pages

    We have implemented YouTube videos off of the alt image thumbnails for a number of our clients.
  16. Re: Any Gui For Viewing Log Files?

    You give me 15-30 minutes with your logs and I could tell you ;)
  17. Re: Any Gui For Viewing Log Files?

    Based on this latest information, I think you are chasing a non-issue. 30 abandoned baskets w/ items over a 6 day period is well within standard visitor/shopper behavior and I don't suspect those to...
  18. Re: Any Gui For Viewing Log Files?

    I think you said in your other thread that you were seeing a number of abandoned baskets reported via the Show Baskets module. Were those baskets empty or did they have items associated with them?
  19. Re: Any Gui For Viewing Log Files?

    Really depends on exactly what you are after with all of this. Google Analytics will provide previous (entry), next and exit data for a given landing page, but you are also getting into an action...
  20. Re: Any Gui For Viewing Log Files?

    Within your control panel, click on Websites & Domains > Web Statistics (upper right hand corner). Password should be the same as control panel login.
  21. Re: The Ol' New Site/Old Site Dilemma

    With most builds I agree with Andreas on the 301 redirects, however we have an extremely complex project rolling right now that will use a combination of the two. In looking at the data, we found...
  22. Re: Are Bots To Blame For High Number Of Abandoned Baskets?

    So the bottom line is if you are just looking to improve your checkout process, Google Analytics should be able to provide you with the necessary data/reporting free from bot activity for the most...
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    Re: Upgrading to PR8

    This is definitely a task for your host, however there are some hosts out there not familiar with the process, or simply will not do it at all. It looks like you are hosting with 1st Easy, so you...
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    Re: Upgrading to PR8

    This would also be a good time to review all third party modules in use and determine MMUI to CSSUI conversion status as well.
  25. Re: Migrating to new Universal Analytics Code

    Mark, I think the attribute price combination bug still exists in the stock ecommerce tracking code. If your attributes don't contribute to the overall product price, not an issue. We came up with...

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