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  1. Re: Recent Development: Amazon Payments not working properly

    You will need to contact Amazon to have your account updated for Amazon Payments.

  2. Re: Recent Development: Amazon Payments not working properly

    Deactivate the module by expanding Global Settings, clicking on Modules and searching for Checkout By Amazon. Click Edit for the module, uncheck the Active box and click Update.

    When you go...
  3. Re: Recent Development: Amazon Payments not working properly

    I tested on your site and I was redirected to Amazon instead of logging in while on your site. You're using the older Checkout By Amazon module instead of the newer Amazon Payments module. You'll...
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    Re: mysql anda miva

    You should be using diagtool.mvc that comes with Empresa in mivavm-5.xx/tools. That error is most likely an issue with your Empresa installation. What do you get if you use...
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    Re: mysql anda miva

    Yes, you can use a store with MySQL in Mia. You just have to have MySQL installed on the local machine. What error are you running into with Ubuntu? I've had it running on my Ubuntu machine for years.
  6. Re: Runtime error in mm5/5.00/modules/system/ctgy_templates5.mvc

    Updating should fix the error. You're now using a version of the module that is most likely not compatible with Production Release 6.
  7. Re: Shipping Method Rules - all countries missing except US


    email support@mivamerchant.com to open a ticket and we can take a look.
  8. Re: Other State/Province settings in customer fields section missing?

    You have a couple of options to make the address editable. The first would be to go into your OCST page and unassign the PayPal Disable Address Control item. This would make the entire address field...
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    Re: Amazon OCST, OPAY, OSEL missing

    If you unassigned the module from Payment Settings to disable it then assigning it will recreate everything you removed.
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    Re: MivaMia and .htaccess files

    I'm sorry but Empresa is not compatible with Apache running on Windows servers.
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    Re: MivaMia and .htaccess files

    I'm sorry but there is no way to get .htaccess files to be processed by Mia. Your only option on Windows would be to use IIS and Empresa and then you would have to find a plugin for IIS that would...
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    Re: Incontext checkout not working

    Are you trying to get in context checkout working with bill me later? That is not working at this time;

  13. Re: Amazon Payments Checkout Error in SANDBOX mode???

    You need to use SandBox credentials for Amazon Payments.


    If you were familiar with the older Checkout By Amazon and it's sandbox...
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    Re: Import Attributes in native Miva?

    If you are not using Variants than you could use the Export Attributes to XML File utility. If you plan on importing them back into the store after some edits you would would want to choose "Replace...
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    Re: basket id cookie

    It could be that the customers having the problem are getting both cookies. You should lower your cookie expiration for a while so that when you make the switch the people with the old cookie won't...
  16. Re: Is it possible to install multiple Instance of Miva Merchant Mia on Same System

    You can run Mia again on a different port and then you would need to open the properties of each and edit the path to the html and mivadata folder to keep the stores separate. You would see each one...
  17. Re: Provision.xml implemented in MM 4.x?

    Yes, we have an export tool (Catalog Exporter) that will export all data to an XML file but there is no way to import that into a v4 store.
  18. Re: Provision.xml implemented in MM 4.x?


    Yes, unfortunately you cannot use provisioning in Miva Merchant v4. You can import and export products to a text or dat file but you cannot delete products by using an import function.
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    Re: Freight options?


    I'm sorry but it looks like the FedEx Web Services API does not support the "time-definite" freight type which is why those options are missing from our module:
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    Re: Freight options?

    You can set the shipping dimensions w/in the product's 'FedEx Web Services Options' tab and some options are set in the shipping module settings under 'Shipment Defaults'.

    I see what you mean...
  21. Re: Wrong Shipping Service Listed In Manage Shipments Page


    I created a ticket for this and sent you a reply. You should have it by now. We should be able to figure this out.
  22. Re: Need Help Getting FedEx Shipping Rates To Show

    You need to update the store. The latest release of the FedEx module is 5.8006 which was released Production Release 8 Update 10 but you might as well update to Production Release 8 Update 12 as...
  23. Re: Endicia return address? Pulled from where?


    I'm fairly certain this comes from the Owner tab that is in your store Settings area. Click on the store name and then on Owner.
  24. Re: Transaction Type: Sale Tender Type: PayPal

    The first order indicates that the purchaser used their PayPal account to pay while the second went through Payflow and was paid with a credit card. Have you contacted PayPal about not seeing any...
  25. Re: Can't Get it to Publish Site with Maintenance Page & Updated User Guide

    The last reply we sent you in the ticket in May specified that you'll need to call or email us when you're ready to "go live" or launch the store. The email address you used for the ticket is the...

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