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  1. Re: Increase Capacity of Product Name Field


    What is the store using the product description field for? IS there anything in there?
  2. Re: Is there a way to hide the left column links in admin?

    Not today AFAIK. But wait until fall and the new Admin does away with the left nav.

    You should check out the video tease for Merchant 9.
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    Re: DLL to Import New Orders

    We have OrderMan which is an Access 2003-based tool for downloading orders.

    However, we are working towards porting it to Windows Presentation Foundation. No time frame right now, so that probably...
  4. Re: API Question: not_order and order batches


    OK, I misunderstood. Yes, the not_* feature functions have a few missing elements. Good to see this is being added.

    Now if we can only get update notifications for not_prod and...
  5. Re: API Question: not_order and order batches


    V9 = Merchant 9. (Numbering system is being revamped.) Due in Q3. I think it needs to be here before 9/30 due to MvCALL and PayPal(?)
  6. Re: jQuery has me Stumped... Help?

    My first guess is that you are using imgURL attribute for all three selects. I'm no JQuery expert (yet) but I know that insufficient specificity in selectors can cause this type of issue.

  7. Re: API Question: not_order and order batches


    You need to add the not_order feature to your module and include the function Module_Notify_Order_StatusChange:

    <MvFUNCTION NAME="Module_Notify_Order_StatusChange" PARAMETERS="module...
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    Re: Variant Images SQL Query

    You may be missing the Miva Merchant DB reference manual put out last summer. It covers every store and domain table.

    It looks like the variant_id doesn't relate to anything at all. It's just a...
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    Re: Open Sourcing my modules


    Once again, kudos for this generous effort!

    I'm still digging out of a mini-backlog so I haven't gotten much chance to do anything but remove the licensing bits so they would compile and...
  10. Include a more capable color picker

    The JS color picker (PopupColorSelector) only supports 256 colors. It would be great to have a built-in color picker that could access all colors.
  11. Re: Corrupted product descriptions with .csv product imports

    If you haven't tried this already, you might try importing a small subset. Divide and conquer. When you get ONE record that reliably produces this behavior, then examine it with the microscope.
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    Re: API Question not_prod

    Last time I looked at this, support for Updates was conspicuously missing. Any plans to add notification on Update?
  13. Re: Getting Keys/Member Names of Structures

    Sounds like miva_struct_members(l.struct, l.members) will do what you need.

    l.members is an array of member names.
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    Re: Reset Statistics

    The Reset Statistics link will only show up if you have the Statistics report assigned to the Admin Main page.

    Go to Reports in the left-hand navigation.
    Find Statistics in the list and click...
  15. Re: Question about product codes

    An ideal product code system is one that balances brevity with meaning - and is one that you can understand and use.

    A hairbrush with a code of 12345 is a short (hopefully unique!) code but...
  16. Re: Time for an overhaul...should we?

    One question - have your customers told you that your site is old and outdated, or are you just tired of it after all these years?

    Let's face it, when we work at something week in/week out for...
  17. Extend existing not_prod/not_cat features to include UPDATES

    Currently, these two features support delete and insert notifications. By adding update notification, these features could become more comprehensive.
  18. Re: Getting content-type of a file?

    Thanks for confirming.
    I was hoping to be able to detect if a file was text/*.
  19. Getting content-type of a file?

    Is there a way to determine the MIME-type/content-type of a file on the server from within Miva Script?
  20. Re: copy products in order to duplicate them for similar items

    I know you're looking for an Admin solution, but StoreMan has done this for more than a decade...
  21. Re: XML embedded in Request Stream

    Right, I didn't even consider the feature and api version.

    Have fun with the JSON feature. It's a nice taste of what I hope is the future.
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    Re: Internet Explorer 10

    All kvetching aside, IE10 is the best IE browser ever. It's almost caught up to 2011.

    OK, damning with faint praise, I know... It is surprising to see so much standards goodness finally come to IE.
  23. Re: XML embedded in Request Stream

    BTW, the error you are encountering is in json/ in the LSK.

    It looks like the Module_Code is not being found - misspelled?
  24. Re: XML embedded in Request Stream

    Bill - this indicates you ARE successfully calling the function Module_JSON (or whatever it is called). Looks like there is a logic error inside the function?

    It took a while to get it working for...
  25. Re: XML embedded in Request Stream

    Bill - to follow up on what Brennan said - we ARE using Store_Code (even though that's not mentioned in the docs) as we need to differentiate between stores.

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