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    Re: Count Products in Category

    It discusses it some, to the point I'm confused by the sentence "It remains static until you run it again." Run what again? The "Products in Category Count" in the Toolkit admin (Utilities > Emporium...
  2. Responsive Customer Confirmation Email

    Has anyone done this? Is there a template for it? Store owner wants the Customer Confirmation Email to be responsive for viewing on handheld and computer screens.
  3. Re: Google Webmaster tools says I have 33,459 internal links to my home page

    I'm thinking some of use might need more. My moderator foo is not strong enough to fix it.
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    Re: Sebenza Support MIA?

    LOL, I've never been called an interrogator before :;):
  5. Toolkit Sendpage Contact Form on PROD page

    I'm using the Toolkit Sendpage Contact Form on the PROD page in a tab. I'd like the math challenge "fail" g.kill_email to be able to reload the open tab on the page. Is there a way to do that with...
  6. Re: Strange fraudulent orders that pass Auth.net validation

    Having just gone down a most frustrating week of trying to stop a card testing bot, I thought that MaxMind would be helpful. I played around with using the same info that the bot had used....
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    Re: Scrolling jquery pop up window div

    I'm also concerned that ID might be tied to some jquery but for the life of me I'm not finding it anywhere.
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    Re: Scrolling jquery pop up window div

    It's not a width problem it's a height. Click the Product Review tab, then the Read All Reviews link on this page.
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    Scrolling jquery pop up window div

    I've tried a couple of difference CSS suggestions to make the content in a jquery pop up window scrollable. Every thing I've tried seems to make the pop up window worse. Trying to use overflow-y:...
  10. Ready Themes - Popup Email Subscribe Box

    Is the ability to have the popup email subscribe box going to be included? It looks like it would be a great option to include - with the ability to tie into what ever email service is being used.
  11. Re: Log IP Address for each order to enchance fraud detection capabilities

    I've suggested the WolfPaw module (and will suggest it again since the store owner is getting charged $$$ for the attempts), in the mean time, I'd also like to display the IP Address on each order...
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    Re: Support tickets from inside admin

    I "think" they do but with no way to change the email address or add a CC to it, you won't get the notice. I think it goes to the store owner's email address.

    Yeah, that has bugged me for some...
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    Visa Checkout

    I was just asked about adding Visa Checkout to Miva Merchant - is this doable?
  14. Re: attribute machine change of attributes.

    I do understand what being said and one could assume a customer might want to select the second attribute before the first, which would then cause the first attribute to change if that color wasn't...
  15. Re: Sub-categories in the All Products category nav bar drop down

    Oh ta-freaking-da!

    For the fly-out that I'm using I had to get the sub-cats just in the right "place":

    <li class="dropdown"><a href="#" class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown">All...
  16. Re: Sub-categories in the All Products category nav bar drop down

    Thanks Brennan for the update. Now back to my original question - I've got the HTML/CSS/javascript needed for the menu, I'm just trying to figure out how to get the correct parent/subcat combination....
  17. Re: Sub-categories in the All Products category nav bar drop down

    It was something that was discussed at the conference, but I suspect trying to get MM9 out the door has pushed it back a bit.
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    Re: new custom fields

    That's an awful lot of steps just to display a custom field.
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    Re: new custom fields

    Will this also work to display Custom Customer Fields? Or are those still an admin only display?

    I'd like to include them in a Customer Created email.
  20. SEO-friendly store front not redirecting the index.html

    Why would this

    DirectoryIndex /mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=SFNT

    not redirect the index.html file to the SFNT?

    does it have anything to do with the style of shortlink being used?

  21. Sub-categories in the All Products category nav bar drop down

    I'd like to dynamically include the sub-categories in the All Products drop down in the nav bar. I'm wanting to have it dynamically use a dropdown-submenu class, the nested <ul><li> and the...
  22. Exporting points from Sebenza Points Redemption Manager

    The Sebenza Points Redemption Manager has the ability to import points but I need to export the points from the live store into the dev store that is almost ready to go live. Does anyone have a...
  23. Thread: Custom URL

    by lesliekirk

    Re: Custom URL

    You'll also need to make some changes in the Global Settings > Domain Settings > SEO Settings but it may not cover everything you need. Play around with it a bit.

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    Error when assigning item

    I had just created a new item that I wanted to assign to a Page. I tried using the Search function because I was too lazy to scroll and find the Page. From the Edit Item screen I entered SFNT,...
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    Inventory Level Notification Emails

    Store seems to have a mind of it's own when it comes to emailing out the Stock is Low and Stock is Out emails. The store owner has been noticing that it will send out a low email which is set to...

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