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  1. Re: vis_store Store module, (Problem: not assigned to the store.)


    I haven't used vis_store yet, but the docs say:

    "Modules which implement this feature may add tabs to the Edit Store screen, and are notified when the store settings are updated."

    So if...
  2. Re: EmporiumPlus Follow-on Contact email

    Nothing like a treasure hunt to start the day :)
  3. Re: Admin - columns do not size for content


    Thanks for the response. I was aware that I could resize, I didn't know it would persist.

    That said, I think this behavior is a usability problem. It is not particularly discoverable. I...
  4. Re: Auto selection/focus of text box?

    For Miva developers, I've reposted this thread with screenshots in the Developer Partners area.
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    Re: module admin screens


    When I was logged in to your store(s) I was able to see the flyout. I realized that you need to click on the right-pointing arrow to initialize it. Sent you a couple screen shots in email.
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    Re: module admin screens

    Ah yes, now I see.

    That is correct and that is what I see in our beta store.
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    Re: module admin screens


    Along the top row, there are module names (these are the old Tabs). You should see an ellipsis (...) meaning 'click here to see more.'

    If you have any of our modules (as you discovered...
  8. Admin - columns do not size for content

    This is probably a fit and finish issue, but thought I'd point it out.

    When viewing tabular lists, it looks like many column widths are not being calculated correctly to accommodate their...
  9. Auto selection/focus of text box?

    New behavior of the Admin: on page load, the first text box gets the focus. Is this by design? I am finding it very annoying and potentially dangerous as fields with data in them are selected, but if...
  10. Feature suggestion: Utilities - sort by name?

    In the Admin Utilities area, the dropdown list of modules seems to sorted the same way as in previous Admins (presumably by module ID).

    In a store with many modules, sorting by name could make it...
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    Dev questions?

    We're going to have code/API questions going forward. Does it make sense to post them here, or to post them to the Developer Partners sub-forum?

    For example, we'll need the admin styles (or a...
  12. Re: Inventory quantity wrong for single item inventory - says I have 2

    If your current inventory is 1 and you adjust stock by 1, my basic math skills suggest that 1+1 = 2.

    What happens if you set current inventory to 0 and adjust stock by 1?
  13. Re: deleting a record in mysql based on a string

    p.s. it's best to use a unique key to delete. Are you certain that the value of the strdata field is unique? If there were two records with that value, then that would explain why it is not being...
  14. Re: deleting a record in mysql based on a string


    Sorry, I meant that if the field NAME had a # in it, it would need to be quoted/escaped.

    I see no reason why a variable value containing a # does not work. MySQL doesn't preclude it.
  15. Re: deleting a record in mysql based on a string

    Variable values that contain hash characters (#) in SQL don't need to be quoted, but literals and field names probably do (according to MySQL docs).

    What MySQL error are you getting? Have you...
  16. Re: Control clearing the page template version history

    Our Template GPS module now lets you delete all template versions that are not original (or immutable), current, or have a note description.

    It works just like the built-in Clear History when...
  17. Re: Export Orders to Flat File customization


    The cust_id in the orders table will be non-zero if the customer logged in. You could use this to see if there are any records with matching cust_id values (meaning THIS customer has ordered...
  18. Re: Increase Capacity of Product Name Field


    What is the store using the product description field for? IS there anything in there?
  19. Re: Is there a way to hide the left column links in admin?

    Not today AFAIK. But wait until fall and the new Admin does away with the left nav.

    You should check out the video tease for Merchant 9.
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    Re: DLL to Import New Orders

    We have OrderMan which is an Access 2003-based tool for downloading orders.

    However, we are working towards porting it to Windows Presentation Foundation. No time frame right now, so that probably...
  21. Re: API Question: not_order and order batches


    OK, I misunderstood. Yes, the not_* feature functions have a few missing elements. Good to see this is being added.

    Now if we can only get update notifications for not_prod and...
  22. Re: API Question: not_order and order batches


    V9 = Merchant 9. (Numbering system is being revamped.) Due in Q3. I think it needs to be here before 9/30 due to MvCALL and PayPal(?)
  23. Re: jQuery has me Stumped... Help?

    My first guess is that you are using imgURL attribute for all three selects. I'm no JQuery expert (yet) but I know that insufficient specificity in selectors can cause this type of issue.

  24. Re: API Question: not_order and order batches


    You need to add the not_order feature to your module and include the function Module_Notify_Order_StatusChange:

    <MvFUNCTION NAME="Module_Notify_Order_StatusChange" PARAMETERS="module...
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    Re: Variant Images SQL Query

    You may be missing the Miva Merchant DB reference manual put out last summer. It covers every store and domain table.

    It looks like the variant_id doesn't relate to anything at all. It's just a...

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