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  1. Re: attribute machine change of attributes.

    I do understand what being said and one could assume a customer might want to select the second attribute before the first, which would then cause the first attribute to change if that color wasn't...
  2. Re: Sub-categories in the All Products category nav bar drop down

    Oh ta-freaking-da!

    For the fly-out that I'm using I had to get the sub-cats just in the right "place":

    <li class="dropdown"><a href="#" class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown">All...
  3. Re: Sub-categories in the All Products category nav bar drop down

    Thanks Brennan for the update. Now back to my original question - I've got the HTML/CSS/javascript needed for the menu, I'm just trying to figure out how to get the correct parent/subcat combination....
  4. Re: Sub-categories in the All Products category nav bar drop down

    It was something that was discussed at the conference, but I suspect trying to get MM9 out the door has pushed it back a bit.
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    Re: new custom fields

    That's an awful lot of steps just to display a custom field.
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    Re: new custom fields

    Will this also work to display Custom Customer Fields? Or are those still an admin only display?

    I'd like to include them in a Customer Created email.
  7. SEO-friendly store front not redirecting the index.html

    Why would this

    DirectoryIndex /mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=SFNT

    not redirect the index.html file to the SFNT?

    does it have anything to do with the style of shortlink being used?

  8. Sub-categories in the All Products category nav bar drop down

    I'd like to dynamically include the sub-categories in the All Products drop down in the nav bar. I'm wanting to have it dynamically use a dropdown-submenu class, the nested <ul><li> and the...
  9. Exporting points from Sebenza Points Redemption Manager

    The Sebenza Points Redemption Manager has the ability to import points but I need to export the points from the live store into the dev store that is almost ready to go live. Does anyone have a...
  10. Thread: Custom URL

    by lesliekirk

    Re: Custom URL

    You'll also need to make some changes in the Global Settings > Domain Settings > SEO Settings but it may not cover everything you need. Play around with it a bit.

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    Error when assigning item

    I had just created a new item that I wanted to assign to a Page. I tried using the Search function because I was too lazy to scroll and find the Page. From the Edit Item screen I entered SFNT,...
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    Inventory Level Notification Emails

    Store seems to have a mind of it's own when it comes to emailing out the Stock is Low and Stock is Out emails. The store owner has been noticing that it will send out a low email which is set to...
  13. User Interface > Settings and other thoughts

    I'm still pondering this...we've all been so used to having most of the User Interface > Settings at the Page Edit level that it's driving me a bit wonky having to go back to it to find it, instead...
  14. Re: Changing Names in Checkout Credit Card labels

    These come directly from the credit card module.
  15. Re: Order Charge iteration oddity in Customer Order Confirmation email

    I'm also now trying to use the Toolkit snippets to try this and I'm getting all sorts of errors - figure it's time to open some support tickets.
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    PayPal Pro Sandbox testing

    I'm needing to run some sandbox tests for PayPal Pro before it goes live. I've got the sandbox set up per PayPal's instructions, the module is set to sandbox and I'm testing with the "test" numbers....
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    Re: Highlight Tag bug?

    So there is no way to prevent it from importing an incorrect value?
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    Highlight Tag bug?

    I may have discovered an issue between the default Custom Fields usage of the HighlightTag and the Tool Kit Custom Fields. The store owner updated the products using flat file import to update the...
  19. Re: Order Charge iteration oddity in Customer Order Confirmation email

    I tried that too and it's not working...okay this is now getting weird...
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    Re: Product Thumbnail in Customer Invoice

    Thanks - for now I went with the Toolkit - it was quick and easy.
  21. Order Charge iteration oddity in Customer Order Confirmation email

    I'm trying to change the layout of the Customer Order Confirmation email. I want to move this

    <mvt:foreach iterator="charge" array="order:charges">
    <td align="right"...
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    Product Thumbnail in Customer Invoice

    Trying to search for this in the forum produced no answers, but I swear it's been covered before. I'm going to ask and try to use enough keywords to help others find this.

    I want to put the...
  23. Re: BCC OUI Customer Order Confirmation Email

    Yeah...I know...
  24. BCC OUI Customer Order Confirmation Email

    Is it possible to BCC the OUI Customer Order Confirmation Email?

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    Re: Upgrading to PR8

    Yes. A development version would use a copy of the live store database, not the actual live database.


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