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    Re: Sort By Custom Field

    There is currently nothing naively built in to sort by a custom field on the category page. There are a couple toolkit ways to do it. Are you looking to just have the custom field name in the drop...
  2. Re: Toolkit Ratings and Reviews Woes - Correct URLs for CSSUI store using short links

    You just need to update the links above to use the search friendly format.Try something like this** For some reason this is not outputting the format correctly.Here is the correct URL structure for...
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    Re: Social Icons in global footer

    I have come across this a couple times as well. Sometimes the font files are not copied to the server correctly when the framework is installed.

    There are two parts to the font-awesome icon set....
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    Developer Podcast - Episode II

    Here is the second episode 2 of our quarterly developer podcast. Contains a sneak peak at some new Version 9 functionality, Ready Themes.
  5. Re: Change featured_products to featured-products

    Hey Leslie -

    I think you are referring to the featured_products category which is part of the skin customization module (included in bootstrap framework)?

    If so, unfortunately it cannot be...
  6. Re: Is there a good way to calculate entire order savings in % and $ amounts on invoi

    You could do something like this on INVC:

    <mvt:foreach iterator="item" array="order:items">
    <mvt:assign name="g.acutal_total" value="g.actual_total + (l.settings:item:price *...
  7. Thread: Zoomify

    by Brennan

    Re: Zoomify

    We've used it a couple years back when all they had was a flash implementation and we were able to get it working but I do recall some hoops to jump though, mostly generating the flash files.

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    Re: Toolkit MvCALL: Read Timeout

    What are your PHP scripts doing that they could take more than 60 seconds to run?

    You may be able to call your scripts as a hidden iframe on the page. This way the page would load for the customer...
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    Re: Importing Orders

    Leslie, I'll talk to development to see if an order import is on the radar.

    Our professional services does offer this as a service. We usually can import orders at the database level in 5 to 8...
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    Re: Storing Arrays?

    See this page on how to interact with XBase databases using MivaScript


    However, you'll want to use the miva_array_serialize function which will...
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    Re: Toolkit MvCALL: Read Timeout

    Check the INVC page template. There is most likely some custom code there which is using toolkit to call some other page and it is failing for some reason. The function call would be called callurl...
  12. Re: Add a Handling Charge or Shipping Surcharge

    Miva has a built in handling charge under shipping rules, but it does not have the restrictions you need. Because you need both product restrictions and state restrictions your best bet is to use...
  13. Re: Make a attribute swatch of a attribute swatch

    Hi Doak -

    Im not sure I follow exactly what you are trying to do.

    You currently have the maps are on the right setup as swatches to a product. Do you also want those product split out into...
  14. Re: Hiding State or Province Depending on Country Chosen

    The best way to do this is with JavaScript. You will also need to move the country selection about the state selection for this to work.

    Checkout www.scottevest.com, they do something similar....
  15. Re: PR8 Updates 11 & 12 question about order exports?

    I don't recall any changes to that module unless there was a bug fix.

    Here are the release notes:
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    Re: Limit Shipping Method to single product

    @spinner The ability to limit shipping methods and select which methods can be imported / exported on a per product basis using the standard product exports.

    I would suggest you limit one product...
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    Re: Product attribute initial state...

    If you look at the HTML source of the one that is not working you will see the second option it being output as selected:

    <select name="Product_Attributes[1]:value">
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    Re: Loading pages quickly using ajax

    You are correct, not having the item tag for the category tree won't prevent Miva from loading all the information about that item. Once an item is assigned to a page Miva will load all the...
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    Re: sexists for multiple file extensions

    I haven't tested this code, but something along these lines should work. You can create an array with the extensions and loop though them.

    Also, your code uses toolkit functions, but all this can...
  20. Re: Log IP Address for each order to enchance fraud detection capabilities

    Here are the steps / code to capture the customers IP address with each order.

    1. Create a new custom order field under utilities, then custom fields tab. Give it a code of "ip_address"

    2. On...
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    Re: Unusual setup for inventory variants

    Hey Kent -

    That is more of a client personal preference.

    If they really don't carry certain sizes it may be better to generate all variants, then delete the ones they don't carry. It will...
  22. Re: Conditionals in Inventory Message fields

    Hi Leslie -

    I don't believe you can use conditional logic in the inventory message fields themselves. However you can use them on the page template, so you could test for some condition and change...
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    Re: Simple Concatenation Problem

    ahh.. you're using the wrong function. fexists can only operate in the Miva Data folder which is a non public accessible folder.

    There is a seperate function for working with files in the web...
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    Re: Simple Concatenation Problem

    The concatenation operator is the $. Your issue is that you are using &mvte:product:code;. This syntax can only be used to output a variable to the page.

    If you want to perform operations on it,...
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    Re: Attribute layout

    Check out this article on pos1. It is a loop counter which is the best way to display the attributes in rows of 5

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